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In 2008, the School of Architecture began offering the English Program for Master in Architecture, the first M. Arch. taught in English in China. In the International Assessment on the Academic Program of Architecture in 2010, the school was evaluated as having “High Standing in the World”.

This internatinoal program at Tsinghua combines a critical, academic atmosphere with real-world issues. Based on a theory of reflexive regionalism, the program follows the school’s tradition of integrating a critical understanding of regional conditions with a global, multidisciplinary network environment.


In the past years we have welcomed students from all five continents, with undergraduate degrees from various renowned schools, such as National University of Singapore, TU Delft, Rhode Island School of Design, TU Munich, University of Melbourne, etc. Our students have been successful in finding employment upon graduation, either in China or abroad, in both the profession or as academics, teachers or phd students.

Our students have been awarded various prizes for their studies in our program, including first prize in the AIM international architecture competition 2012, an award for a joint hutong-research exhibition during Beijing Design Week 2013, and for a thesis-research on high-density social housing, which was also part of the Venice Biennale 2014.


Are program is intentionality small scale, around 10-12 students per year, to create a high quality, person based learning environment. The EPMA track leads to a worldwide accredited MArch degree (including the US, Canada, Common Wealth, China, Mexico, etc) under the 2008 Canberra Accord.

The most important aspect we want to teach our students is to be critical, and think reflective. Students have the option to elect studio topics, often concerning actual projects and design challenges. 

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